The doctor will see you! Those are the famous words you wait to hear from the receptionist as you anxiously await your test results. Physicians and patients have a bond and trust that cannot be broken. The doctor-patient confidentiality is one that often remains behind closed doors. Well, not anymore, or at least not at the PervDoctor’s office. Our practicing physician carefully examines every patient, administering nothing but the most effective treatment procedures for whatever issues or ailments they may have. You’ll notice that dick is the most frequently prescribed medication and it often works like a charm. Find out what happens from the doctor's point of view in the PervDoctor’s office. There’s something that keeps patients coming back time and time again for regular checkups. You’ll quickly understand why when you see what happens between the doctor and his patients. Your test results are in, the doctor will see you in room 1. Please undress and put this gown on, he’ll be right in...

Are you ready for your checkup?

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