Nicole Jenkin

Hello. I am Nicole, nice to see you have an interest in finding out more about me. I am not much of a writer, but I do love to talk and I think it is easier for me to use my mouth. I am happy to be here, I am looking forward to exploring my life as an erotic live cam girl. It is something I never dreamed of doing, but I like the idea I can be safe, and still enjoy the company of a man and feel that I am able to exchange love and affection. I love to be outdoors and have my body moisturized by the wind and touched by the sun. I like flowers and sweet cheesecake! I am simple in many ways, and I do not like to overcomplicate things. I am not overthinking and I like to keep my flirting very visible. No need for mysteries and fairytales, come to my room and I show you heaven on earth!

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