The site is simply gorgeous. Dark, mysterious, sexy. Just like the women inhabiting it. This is an all-female premium fetish webcam site, at least for now, and the fun of that, along with its minimal amount of models, makes it feel intimate and sensual, which is what the site is trying to portray, and does so well. Much like most premium sites, there is no nudity allowed in the open chats, and if you have yet to register, there's a time limit to how long you can peruse the free cams. But once you do, you can spend as much as you'd like. But to see the model perform and for you to direct her, you'll need to take her to a private, which is the main goal of the models on the site. The free chat on FetishFix is like most premium sites, a way for you to get to know the models. This is perhaps especially important when it comes to fetishes, as you may have specific accessories or styles of show you like. Here, you can make sure you'll get them. Remember, no nudity in the free chats, but you can definitely catch some strategically placed lingerie here and there.

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