Joining Camera Boys is really simple. You pick a username, and password, and enter your email address. This site doesn’t make you verify your email address like most sites. No need to have to take your hand off your dick to open a new link. Most importantly, you don’t have to input your credit card number to become a member. CameraBoys is not just a premium live sex gay cam site, but an A-list premium webcam platform meaning every model has to pass a stringent audition process and be at the top of their category. If it's a muscle man you're looking for - the CameraBoys guys are 8-pack iron boards. If you're more of a twink type, then smooth, sexy, and sweetly kinky is what you'll get. There are no dodgy dudes streaming from behind their closet doors so to speak - these blokes are bold, ballsy, and card-carrying members of the league of horny homo-deviants.

When the boys are building up their business or just bored and wanna have some fun, they host pop-up sales. Quite simply, they'll slash their private cam chat rates to the minimum - often just $1.00/min. The sale only lasts for around 24 hours more or less and it's not a site-wide event. Each guy hosts his own sale when he feels like it. My advice, before you start your search, head over to the left-hand nav bar, and select Sale. See who's there - sometimes you can find the premium posers that can charge up to $8.00+/min slashing their rates to that minimum of $1.00/min for a short time.

Registering on the site as a member is 100% free and easy. All you need is a valid email, a password (that you can choose), and a username. The site doesn't ask for any personal details. CameraBoys is the go-to adult live video chat platform for those who demand the best of the best when it comes to enjoying some X-rated ball games. The best boys, the best streaming quality, the best user-interface layout, and (if you use my Tom tips), all at unbeatable private chat prices. Rates can seem expensive at first if you are looking for a cam2cam sex session, but don't forget that you can get up to double the credits in each package you purchase which basically means you're paying half of the advertised rate - making it one of the most cost-effective cam boys webcam wonders online today.


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