Brutal Facesitting

Brutal Facesitting is a domination site that has something of a different feel to it than most fetish sites – and these guys are about to get that different feel spread all over their faces! Domineering Russian Mistresses take control of their men as they sit on their faces and smother them with their wet pussies, to the point where some of them are gasping for air by the end of it! These sexy Russian women are usually dressed in lacey lingerie, fishnets, and leather, or sometimes they're completely naked. Their male subs eat them out exactly as they're told, but sometimes their Mistress will slap them, spit in their face or shove a foot in their mouths. They might even trample their cocks! No matter what, though, the focus is always on the facesitting. The average playtime of videos is close to 15 minutes; photo sets usually have around 90-110 pictures. Due to the high quality and uniqueness of the scenes, which allows one to enjoy them over and over again, the collection seems large enough to recommend for watching. Everything that they dare to promise is 100% exclusive shooting. Well, they could’ve promised more, because they really have something to show. Amazing models, superior camera work and direction, very exciting scenarios, and all this exposed in up to HD videos and photos!

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