Alice Ashley

Hi, I'm Alice! sometimes it seems to me that I have an addiction to this site. I'm glad you're here now and I hope you are open to talking to me more. I like to make new friends and have a nice talk with them. I do think a conversation should have depts and points of heat. A good debate is something I do not avoid with any of my fans and members. I appreciate honesty. And I see through the guys who are selling me a bullshit story. Please do not brag about working for MI6. I have plenty by now, and it became suspicious. I like humor, I like sarcasm, and I am totally okay with people who use those abilities in a positive way. I am here to change the atmosphere of Premium Live Sex. In my room, it is not as in other rooms. With me, you first have to prove to yourself and me that you are worthy of being trusted by me.

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